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Monday, January 12, 2009

Decorating 101

Welcome back to the third installment of Decorating 101. So far, we've gone over the impact color can have on a room, monochromatic color scheme and complementary color scheme. Continuing on that path, I'd like to introduce to you another no-fail color scheme:

The Triad Color Scheme

A Triad Color Scheme is created when you choose three colors that sit equally apart from one another (forming an equilateral triangle) on the color wheel. It is not necessary to use all three colors equally. For instance:

http://www.eleganceredefined.com/ photo

Blue dominates this room while red and yellow are used only as accent colors. You may notice there are two shades of blue in the room. This is okay and still counts as a Triad Color Scheme. As long as you stay within the same hue and do not lean towards the next color on the color wheel, in this case blue-green or blue-violet, you stay true to the color scheme.

I hope the thought of decorating with color or more color is something that is becoming less intimidating to you. The great thing about paint is you can always repaint. But to avoid repainting, it's a good idea to get samples of the colors you are considering and paint large swatches of them on a wall. This way, you can see how the color changes with the lighting throughout the day and it will give you a chance to live with it for a little while before making the big jump.

Again, because I'm not a professional and do not hold a degree in interior design, I'd love to hear from anyone with additional tips and advice on how to use color effectively in decorating. Also, if you have a post on your blog involving any decorating and would like to share it with the rest of us, please leave a link in the comments section.

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