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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


How To Correctly Fold A Towel
(per Martha Stewart and my husband)

Years ago, my husband and I would have a reoccurring argument regarding how to properly fold a towel. Since I was the one who the majority of the time did the laundry, I felt that he should fold the towels my way. Yet I would often times find myself re-folding the towels he folded in order to make them fit with the towels I folded. Ugh!

Remember all the stupid stuff you would argue over when you first got married? Ahh, good times.

Well, lo and behold, there came a day when Martha Stewart did a segment on her show on how to properly fold a towel. You know, the department store way. I watched with rapt anticipation as I was sure to be vindicated!

Well, wouldn't you know, my long-time domestic heroin turned on me. Turns out Martha folds her towels the exact same way my husband does! I simply had no choice from that moment on to surrender my towel-folding technique and begin folding towels "correctly". Now, you can too!

Here's how to get your towels to stack nice & purdy like they do in the department stores:

First, you need a large enough surface to work on. Spread your towel out flat.

Fold, lengthwise, one-third of the towel in on itself.

Then fold the remaining one-third over the rest of the towel leaving the edge of the towel approx. 1"-2" from the opposite edge. Doing this helps to hide the unfolded edge inside the towel for a much neater appearance.

Next, from the side, fold the towel in one-third of the way.

Fold the remaining one-third over the rest of the towel.

Flip it over and as you can see, both sides show only folded edges.

Now, isn't that all soph-is-ta-macted? I knew you'd like it!

Stack your towels folded side out for a neater appearance. Just like they do in the department stores. Everybody say, "Yay!"

I do my hand towels almost the same way except after folding the hand towel in thirds, I then only fold it in half.

This makes going from the cabinet to the towel bar without any unfolding or re-folding.

And that's what Works For Me!
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Anonymous said...

i had to laugh at the beginning of this post b/c my hubby and i had the same disagreement when we were first married! and while i don't fold them exactly the "martha stewart way", it's similar. and it was the way my husband's mom did it, which was easier than how i did it!

my MIL always thought it so funny that my husband had such a strong opinion about towel folding, when he's otherwise so laid back!

Jen @ JenuineJen said...

My husband and I would argue over this when we were first married. I did the same re-folding thing. Finally, I decided I had to let it go. If he was doing the laundry, I should just be glad that it was getting done.

Now, we mostly fold the same way.

Nancy said...

That's exactly how I fold mine but the 1-2 inch from the edge thing is new to me and does make a much neater looking fold. Thanks

tothegoal said...

that's a great idea! i'm going to start folding my towels that way.

shopannies said...

That is how I fold mine too but the leaving the extra little 1/3 fold is new to me. but seems that it would leave no rough edge out so will see if I like it

Lorie said...

I have to respectfully disagree! But at least that way is better than the way my husband folds them!!