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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Last Meal

There are times when, after eating something particularly delightful, I will declare the food item worthy of my last meal should I ever find myself on death row about to be executed.

But really, that's just a crazy thought because one can't have everything for their last meal. So I've chosen to narrow down the selection to a few of my favorite things. Here is my last meal should I ever find myself in the unfortunate predicament of being on death row:

Main course: Cheese tortellini in Alfredo sauce with sauteed mushrooms from Anzio Landing in Mesa, Arizona. My husband and I would often visit Anzio Landing for special occasions or whenever we felt we deserved a special treat. This is a beautiful restaurant on Falcon Field not far from the runway. Many times while dining there, if we were fortunate to get a window seat, we'd see people fly in then taxi their Cessna's or Piper's into the restaurant's parking lot designated for aircraft.

Only once did I ever try anything other than the cheese tortellini. It was my favorite dish and, so far, nothing at any other Italian restaurant has even come close to this delectable meal. It goes first on my list.

Side dish: Second on my list is a childhood favorite. Something I've enjoyed with simple lunches or while visiting my grandparents at their camper by the lake or, as in most cases, while on feeding frenzies during times of stress. I'm talking about my beloved Pringles. While I can and will enjoy an entire can alone, I really prefer them with French Onion dip. French Onion dip, in my opinion, is one way that God shows us He loves us. If the Warden (or whomever makes these decisions, I don't know) would allow, I would ask for two cans of Pringles since the good people at Dean's make such a large carton of dip. They are good people.

Side dish: Next, and I'm sure many of you would not only agree to this selection but I believe will add it to your own last meal list, is a side of onion rings from Sonic. Large, that is. Plenty of ketchup, if you please and, well...what the heck, some ranch sauce as well. Shake it up a bit, ya know? I love onion rings and will order them whenever I have the opportunity to either substitute or super-size but no one (okay, maybe Red Robin) comes close to Sonic's onion rings.

Don't forget to tip your carry-out.

Finally, for dessert: aaaahhh...I love spring. Spring brings us warm days dotted with cool breezes. Spring brings the sounds of newborn birds chirping, the thump-thump of baby bunnies hopping, longer days and colorful flowers. But most glorious of all, spring brings us the Cadbury egg. I am not lying when I say that I look forward to spring every year for this reason alone. This chocolate, creme-filled delight, thank the Lord, starts showing up in the days leading up to Valentine's Day and then go on sale when Easter is over allowing me to enjoy them for a solid 4 months or more! Have you had them frozen yet? Oh, you must! Hmm...I wonder if they have freezers in the state pen. You think they'd mind freezing one or two or fifteen for me? It is my last request after all.

What's on your list?


yogaqueen said...

John and I will have to try Anzio landing in Mesa, we've never been-thanks for the recommendation.

Laurel said...

I have never been to Anzio Landing. Now I will be sure to give it a try. I think Thomas was taken there once, and he raved about it, but afterward he couldn't remember what it was called or where it was exactly. Curses!

I'm enjoying your decorating 101 posts. Very interesting.

And your letter to the adult woman in Walmart. Can I shout out a very raucous AMEN to that?! Seriously. We went to the movies a while back, and a woman was in what appeared to be her pj's. What gives??? So thank you for speaking my mind.

Hope you are enjoying your new adventure. We miss you here.

Erika said...

I love Anzio's! We went there for a work lunch and I got a shrimp scampi ravioli! It was amazing! Get it with the marinara sauce. Very filling and very good. I am sure something that good must be fat free right??? :0)

TheRetroHousewife said...

Oh my gosh that was too funny, I loved it!

Sharon said...

Chocolate ice cream with sprinkles... and a brownie too, since I wouldn't have to worry about gaining weight!!

Let's just hope I don't need to find out!

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