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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm Going To Lose It To Win It!

Okay, here goes.

The reason behind this new blog was to challenge myself to be the person God created me to be. There are so many areas in my life where I could be so much more if I just did a better job of following His lead and was more obedient to His word.

My health is one of those areas. I am overweight and, if you've read my story, you know that I have issues with food.

I, like many of us, have known for quite sometime that I need to take control of this area and treat my body as God intended. It's so easy to put off something like this until tomorrow, next Monday, after the holidays, etc., etc. Can anyone relate?

The truth is I'm scared to make this commitment. I'm just sure I'll be miserable and ultimately fail, so why put myself through it and start the process to begin with? Again, can anyone relate?

It seems though that my good friend, Katie, has been feeling something similar. Just a few days ago, Katie put out the challenge to her friends and family that if anyone had more than 35 lbs to lose why not do it together? She made the challenge extra spicy when she said that anyone wanting to participate had to ante up $20 that would go into a pool. Whoever lost the 35 lbs first would win all the money.

That, my friends, is hard to pass up. Currently, I have the chance to win $100! Technically, I could both win and lose at the same time!

Since now is as good of a time to start as any, I might as well. I thought I'd blog about it as I went along. I don't know my starting weight yet as I somehow "misplaced" my scale. Once I find that out, I will post each week my progress and will happily take any encouragement or weightloss tips from my readers.

Also, if you would like to lose some weight and want someone to cheer you on, let me know. We can blog about it together.

Well, I'm off to begin being the person God created me to be. Carrot stick, anyone?


Kaye said...

I'm right there with you, sister. I so need to loose weight, but strangely knowing that doesn't make me change my habits...not even when I think about it while stuffing myself. I've lost the weight before and I can do it again, but I need the inspiration.

Hey...link this up to my Mr. Linky today and we'll all encourage you together!

Chai on the Fly said...

How fun! What great motivation. Maybe I'll suggest this to my mom and sister. We could all stand to lose 35 pounds! :)


LizC said...

Oh wow, I am so there with you. I found out that we are having a 25 year reunion in Oct, and since then, have been trying to diet like crazy. I've been frustrated cuz even with 1200-1500 calories, I've only lost 7 lbs in 2 months. I have not exercised, so I think that's the ticket. So I'll give you that advice from the get go! Exercise! i posted on my blog that I was also afraid to start cuz I've tried so many times before. But even though it's going slow, I'm gonna keep on going cuz I've wasted too much time being fat! I've got to lose 40 lbs. (although I keep saying that I've got to lose 20 lbs so I can get back to my "normal" fat and THEN I can start losing weight! - ha ha) Anyway - we can do this. I'll be keeping tabs on you!

Jen said...

I lost 30 pounds last summer, and then this summer I had to get my fat pants out again. I walk by the treadmill and it cries out with lonliness. Count me in, I've gotta do it and it will be helpful with someone else to hold me accountable.