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Friday, August 22, 2008

Super Savings Saturday

Woohoo, it's Saturday! And you know what that means - party at Crystal's place! Check out the Super Savings Saturday posts over at MoneySavingMom.com.

My trip to Albertson's:
I don't remember my totals and I have no idea where my receipt is because this shopping trip is actually from last week. What I do remember is paying, on average, .79 cents each for the items above. Albertson's was having a great sale on General Mills products, plus I had coupons for every box of Cheerios. In addition to that, Albertson's takes the $5.00 coupon from Fresh & Easy. Yippee!

My trip to Saver's:

I love, love, love the look of chenille! I've been wanting to do my Punky's bed in pink chenille for quite sometime now but have not had any luck in finding anything at a decent price. I was strolling through Saver's Thrift Store when my eye caught a glimpse of pink chenille. I pulled the above bedskirt out from under a pile, inspected every inch of it and found it to be flawless and the right size! I was thrilled but the best part is the price was marked only $4.99!!

Happy day!

Now head on over to Crystal's for more great finds!

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jskell911 said...

I love Savers! Wish we had one closer to us.