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Friday, October 3, 2008

Don't Worry, Pee Happy

Awhile back someone asked me if I was worried that my son, who was running around naked at the time, would pee on the floor. No, I wasn't worried about it. I expected it. That's not to say I was looking forward to it or enjoyed the clean-up after. No, it's just that when you let an otherwise diapered child run around naked, you should really expect the undesirable to happen.

So why not just avoid the hassle and slap a diaper on the boy? Well, in all honesty, he simply enjoys being naked. I mean, really, who doesn't? There's nothing quite like a cool breeze across a pair of naked buns, wouldn't you say?

Oh, that's just me then, is it? Ah-huh, riiiiight. Don't admit it then, that's okay.


The reality is, moral standards and current decency laws only allow running around "nakey" (as we like to call it) for a very short period of time in one's life. I say, let 'em enjoy it while they can. There are so few freedoms allotted to those under the age of three, why not let them have this one harmless, though sometimes messy, freedom?

I've even made up a song for The Boy's "Nakey Time":

sung to the tune of Mr. Sandman

Mr. Nakey-man
Those buns I adore
But don't you, please, pee on my floor
Not on the tile
Or on the carpet
'Cause Mommy doesn't like it
When you get her things wet.

Mr. Nakey-man
Go ahead and toot
But don't let nothin' else
Come out of that chute
Nothing icky, black or brown
'Cause poop on the floor
Makes Mommy frown


Katrina said...

I am so there with you. My little one did have opps! but he was smart enough to do it on the tile floor. I can't wait until he is potty trained!

mother of seven said...

I was on the floor laughing. Love the song!!!

We call it cooshy tushy!!!

Jen said...

My five year old still runs around shaking his stuff! I'll say "I see a bare!", and he'll squeal and run.
I love your song! LOL