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Monday, October 20, 2008

Tuesday To-Do List

1. Continue decluttering and adding to the garage sale pile for the second weekend.
2. Finish the dishes for Pete's sake!
3. Laundry (whites)
4. Deposit check in bank.
5. Drop off mom's group funds to the church.
6. Pick up playroom (does this really ever end?)
7. Help my friend set up her blog.
What's on your To-Do list today?


LizC said...

Well...let's see...

1. Attend planning meeting for our school Fall Festival on Oct. 31
2. Grocery shopping
3. Deposit checks in bank
4. Finish Monday's laundry (which included last Thursday's laundry)

yeah, in that order!

Katrina said...

1. E mail Anitia about joining the great sale this weekend.
2. Call the teeth doc and make appt for the kids.
3. Try to clean all 3 toielts.
4. Change out vaccum bag.