"It is my job to make sure that you grow up to be a productive member of society and not a burden to it!" ~ my dad.

Monday, October 6, 2008

To-Do List Tuesday

1. All Savvy Mommies clothes into the wash!
2. Hang up & tag Savvy Mommies clothes that don't need to be washed. (half-way done)
3. Church MOMS group paperwork/emails.
4. Make arrangements for babysitter for Friday evening. (working on it)
5. Clean playroom. (don't see this happening)
6. Grocery shop.
Just a short list for me today since #1 & #2 are HUGE!!! Pray for me that I get it all done, would ya?
What's on your list today?


mother of seven said...

Did I ever tell you my two girls are great babysitters?

hint hint!!!

Amanda said...

Jodi - YOU HAVE GOT MY ATTENTION!! I am soooooo calling you! :)

Netta said...

I'm chuckling at this cuz I can relate! ... my lists are long, but it sure feels great when I get to cross off some stuff.
Last week God challenged me to prayerfully rethink my priorities and what that means. I've typed it all out and keep it in my organizer... it's helping.
Happy Wednesday.