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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Onward And Upward!

Well, I think it's high time I tell you what's been going on around here. Since I've told most all of my friends and family, it's time to let you in on it. We're moving.

The recession has come knocking on our door (barged right in, really) and our financial and employment situations are such that we can no longer afford to stay where we are. My in-laws, God bless 'em, have offered to let us move in with them for free until we get back up on our feet.

The only catch is: they live in Nebraska.

So we are Husker country bound in less than two short weeks.

I've been busy, as you know, getting rid of lots of excess stuff, deciding what furniture to keep and delicately telling friends and family. Everyone pretty much understands as the recession is knocking on a lot of doors.

I have complete confidence that the Lord is working in my life and not satan messing with it. And even if he was - so what? The enemy has nothing on me and cannot throw anything at me that the Lord cannot overcome.

No, the Lord clearly has His hands on the wheel and is steering us down what I know will be a wonderfully blessed path. Please, stay tuned as I will fill you in on more details later to come. I, at least, wanted to get this much out.


Laurel said...

Wow! This is BIG! I can not lie: I am sad, and I will miss you very much. I pray that God is with you and this is an answer to prayer. One of his best blessings is good family to lean on when times are difficult. I am glad you have such support! But promise you'll keep blogging so we don't lose touch, okay?

mother of seven said...

I have worried about you. I knew something was up. I will miss seeing you around. But luckily with blogs I know we can still keep in touch.

Erika said...

Wow! This must be very crazy for you right now! Thank goodness for your faith. I know that really helps us keep perspective in all the craziness of life when you know the big picture. This too shall pass. Good luck! You know that the junk/antique hunting is so much better in the midwest! (silver lining!)

Jen said...

Wow! Your inlaws sound like a blessing to have. Good luck on the move, and enjoy spending time with the family as you get back on your feet. Times are very hard right now, and your faith and family are strong with you. You will survive! Keep on blogging and keep in touch.