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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Wow! So much in the last week - I just can't even put it all in words. I thought I'd share a little of our last moments in Arizona and the first few minutes in our new home state.

We had several angels straight from heaven come to help us with the last minute details, packing and loading. I don't know how we'll ever be able to repay them for their generosity of spirit and friendship. This I do know - we will pay it forward. :)

My friend, Anita, helped on more than one occasion. She, along with my friend Katie and step-mom Jackie just took charge of the packing and had us ready to go in record time.
Anita's hubby, Leonard, was probably our biggest angel. He helped in so many ways even going so far as to help some of my relatives load some of our furniture they had purchased onto their vehicles. I'm not kidding when I say this, he had a smile on his face the entire time!

Originally, Paul rented a 16ft truck. It quickly became apparent when the boxes started piling up in the front room that 16 feet was not going to cut it. He called the rental place to order a 22ft only to find out they were out of them. The next size up was 26 feet. Don't you know, we filled that 26 footer to the edge!

Go Team Penske! Those bookcases ended up getting left behind because we were so packed!

The men set off for Nebraska on Wednesday night. My mother-in-law, myself and the kids were due to leave the next morning. We stayed the night at my IL's winter place. Punky, for reasons unknown to me, chose to sleep in between the bed and wall.

Here we are at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ. Because I had lost my wallet the evening before (turns out, it was accidentally packed and loaded on the truck), I had to go through "extra" security at the airport. The people of Southwest Airlines at the ticket counter we so helpful, so considerate, so professional. I didn't expect such wonderful treatment. The wonderful treatment continued even through security where all of our bags were hand searched and I had to have a pat-down search. The TSA agents were courteous, respectful and friendly. Even during what was a hectic experience and the frustration of losing my wallet, God showed me His light through the people I encountered. My MIL and I both commented that we had the most enjoyable airport experience of our lives. Thank you, Lord!
On a funny note: because I carried The Boy through security (as opposed to my MIL carrying him), he had to be subjected to a pat-down search as well. There is nothing quite like seeing an almost-two-year-old standing shoulder-width apart, arms spread and getting frisked! He was not amused!

As a result, the little one was pretty tuckered an hour into the flight. Thankfully, so was his sister. They were both perfect angels on the plane.
Okay, that's not entirely true. The Boy did cry out a couple of times and kicked the heck out of the seat in front of us once waking the poor sleeping lady in front of us. But, other than that, perfect angels!

Our first glimpse of Omaha from the plane. We have begun settling in quite nicely and trying, as best we can, to get used to the cold. It's going to take a year or two for our thin Arizona blood to thicken up.
Well, The Boy is ready to go to bed so I must be off. I'll keep you posted on our new adventure. I hope you continue to keep up with me. We'll take this journey together, I hope. Afterall, you make great company!

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mother of seven said...

I hope all is well. Moving is hard. Reminds me of when I moved to Arizona. I will be thinking of you. Have a great Thanksgiving!!