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Friday, September 26, 2008

19 Minutes, huh?

I came across this article from Shine.Yahoo.com that details how to clean your house in just 19 minutes a day.

The article gives a lot of great advice. Basically, just keep up on the basic stuff before it gets out of hand. When I'm on my game, I'm pretty good at doing just that. The only problem is I haven't been on my game in so long I'm missing a few pieces and the instruction booklet.

Plus, no one else really wants to play with me.

Then there's the fact that I can take a 20 minute catnap and be completely refreshed for the rest of the day, so if I've got 19 minutes on my hands you can guess what I'm going to do with it!


Laurel said...

Catnaps don't work for me. I'm an hour and a half kind a girl, which is why naps don't often happen I suppose. But then again, housekeeping isn't happening much around here either right now. Man! I miss those days when I used to be on my game. Okay, here's the deal: Tomorrow I'm going to kick it! Okay? I'll play with ya!

mother of seven said...

19 minutes?

I have to think about that.
Did they mention the size of the house and how many live there?

I would have to be "Jeannie" to get that done. Wink wink:)