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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday To-Do List

I thought I'd start something new today. Not original, mind you, just new. New to me, that is. You probably already have one of these.

A To-Do List.

I've always had a To-Do List. It's just that it's usually been scribbled on a crumpled up piece of grey matter and tossed into the dust-bunnied corners of my cerebral cortex. Keeping a To-Do list in your head is a quick and easy route to Nutsville. It's hard to scratch items off the list when the pencil will only go so far into your ear before causing considerable amounts of pain. As a result, you have to remember what's been taken care of and what remains left to do. This is where I fall short. Remembering.

Now, knowing me and my ability to start new good habits, I'm taking this one slow. I'll just be To-Do'ing on Tuesdays.

Baby steps.

And, yes, I know it's 9 p.m. on Tuesday so, really, this is more of Wednesday's To-Do list. I'll just have to remember to start this earlier next Tuesday. I don't suppose one of you would be willing to remind me?


1. Begin work on Savvy Mommies stuff.
2. Buy scrap paper for August & September pages.
3. Check out new Bissell steamer on HSN.
4. Craigslist mattress set.
5. Read several chapters of "40 Days of Community" Bible study.
6. Deliver Tupperware.
7. Email Athena.
8. Have London draw a "Thank you" picture to the sweet couple who sent her a book.
9. Take Kettleball out of box!

Okay, now the fun of this is to see how much I can actually get done! WooHoo! I'm like so excited I'm almost not falling asleep in my chair anymore. Yeah!

Oh, and while googling the To-Do list picture above, I came across this little gem:

Now you may laugh but years ago when I worked at the sheriff's office I found it quite handy to write things down on my hand so as not to forget. It works, people! Try it! Just ask Fred.

What's on your list today?


mother of seven said...

I have been known to write on my hand.

I am trying to be more organized as well. I appreciate your posts. I do not always comment. You always make me feel better...Thanks:)

mother of seven said...
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LizC said...

I am a hand writer! Yeah!