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Monday, September 22, 2008

If I Tell You About It, Then I'll Have To Do It.

You may remember my previous post about taking my friend, Katie, up on her weightloss challenge. Katie challenged anyone who had 35 lbs or more to lose to a little bet. Everyone had to ante up $20 and the first to lose 35 lbs won the pot. I was so excited because I just knew I was going to win big!

I already had a scale but the dang thing was not very reliable so I couldn't trust it to give me an accurate reading. After I realized that popping in on my neighbor 2 - 3 times a week to check my weight on her scale would probably be bothersome to us both, I decided to fork over the money for a new one.

Turns out this was a very good idea. I was rather shocked, yet very pleased, when I discovered from my new scale that I actually don't have 35 lbs to lose! I wondered why I was feeling as though I had plumped up yet I can still get my jeans on. Okay, so it's a funny sight to watch me get my jeans on but, hey, at least I can still get them on!

That's not to say that I don't have some extra padding around the mid-section or various other sections. I most certainly do and it needs to go! But I can't participate in Katie's challenge because for me to lose 35 lbs would just not be healthy and I think I've done the unhealthy thing long enough. So I've decided that it's just 20 lbs that I need to lose.

A little infomercial caught my eye awhile back so I decided to go ahead and put my order in for this thing:
It's a kettleball and it promises to be my new best friend. We'll see. I ordered it through GetKBells.com and it came in last week. We have yet to formally introduce ourselves to each other. I am a bit shy around new work-out equipment having been burned in previous relationships with other work-out equipment so I'm taking it slow. Maybe next week, I'll take it out of the box and ask it if it wants to share an Oreo Blizzard with me. That should get us off to a good start.

Then, after that, I'll have to find the time to actually use it! And, from what I understand, working out isn't really effective unless you do it multiple times a week so I suppose I'll have to find the time to use it more than once. Oi!

So I've decided to challenge myself by putting my weightloss goals and progress up on this blog for everyone to see and sit in judgement against me. No, I'm kidding! I know you wouldn't do that. But I am hoping that you'll offer me up a bit of encouragement now and again and also include me on your weightloss endeavors if you so have them. We can get healthy together and together become the people God created us to be! Sound good?

Okay, so know that I've told you about it I have to actually DO IT, huh? Okay.

Bye-bye Oreo blizzard. Hello Kettleball!

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Laurel said...

Go get, em! Getting healthy is the hardest and best thing to do for yourself. I'm here to cheer you on!