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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Mom's Gotta Do What A Mom's Gotta Do.

This little comic strip was cut out by my beloved several years ago and has remained posted either on the refrigerator or a bulletin board ever since. Never in the history of comic strips has one nailed a real person more accurately than this. They even got my name right.

Though I just have to say, is there anyone out there that actually likes brussell sprouts? I mean really?

I'm really more anti-peas to tell you the truth. Why some people eat these grotesque little balls of green goo is beyond me. Yet, for some reason I have yet to fully examine, I insist upon forcing my daugther to eat them. Why would I do that?

Because they're good for you is the refrain often sung by parents around the globe. But, really, they aren't that good. Two-thirds of a cup of peas only nets a body 10% of their daily Vitamin C, 8% of their Vitamin A and 6% of their necessary daily iron. I'm just not impressed. And though while I admit, the little buggers pack a mighty 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein, I must say, I can get that from a Zone bar and actually enjoy the experience of eating.

But as a committed and dedicated parent, I will willingly continue to follow the rules set down in the Official Guide to Parenting The Way Everyone Else Does It But We're Not Sure Why handbook and periodically threaten my child with the loss of her bedtime snack if she doesn't choke down at least two spoonfuls of peas every now & then. The only problem is, I'm supposed to be setting an example. Yep, says so right there in Chapter 7, They See Hypocritical People of the official handbook.

So that means I'm choking down at least two spoonfuls of peas every now & then. Yuck. The good news is, I know how to disquise the taste and I'm here to share my secrets with you.

Secret #1: Alfredo sauce. The next time you make pasta with alfredo sauce, dump a small can of peas in with the sauce. I'm not kidding - you can't even taste them!

Secret #2: Cream of chicken soup. Add a can of mixed vegetables to a can of cream of chicken soup and heat through. Not only am I not kidding about this but, truth be told, this is actually pretty yummy!

Secret #3: Get a dog and hope that he likes peas. Kidding!

Any other tips on choking down peas or any other vegetable for that matter would be greatly appreciated. I'd hate to lose my bedtime snack.

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