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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Please Help This Willy-Nillier!

I have come to the conclusion that in order to be the person God created me to be, I must get my act together! I'm a pretty go-about-my-day-willy-nilly kind of a gal but, as it turns out, one really doesn't accomplish all that one must when they willy-nilly about. Go figure.

I have wonderful ideas about getting myself organized: start a load of laundry each morning, run the dishwasher each night, groceries on Wednesdays, clean the floors on Fridays, bathrooms on Saturdays - you get the idea. It's just that sometimes, okay a lot of times, I find myself not realizing what day it is, running out of milk long before Wednesday comes along or making certain things a priority (like reading a really good series right now) over other things that really are a priority.

I'm in awe of people who have a schedule or solid routine and wonder how they do it. So I'm asking you - how do you do it? Do you have a written schedule posted up on the wall SuperNanny style? Do you designate certain days for certain tasks? Or are you a willy-nillier too but somehow manage to get it all done? Does anyone get it all done?

I'd love to hear your tips and trademark secrets. Please share them with me. Of course, I am beginning to think motivation has a bit to do with it. I'll have to work on that aspect of it.

I know! I'll put it on the schedule!

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Laurel said...

If you have not checked out flylady.com I suggest you do it. She has taught me SO much about this very thing. Changed my life. Seriously. I think she is fulfilling a mission.

Just a hint, if you decide to get her emails do just one daily email. Otherwise it gets to be a bit much. T

LizC said...

Ha! I was just going to leave a comment about flylady.com, and I see someone beat me to the punch! :)
I've found the "routines" that she suggests pretty helpful, although, you can go too far and drive yourself nuts with it. I have my routine (laundry days, grocery days, gardening days, etc) and I post them on my google calendar as a "recurring" appt. This includes weekly stuff, but also stuff that gets done once or twice a year, such as shampooing the carpets, or changing the air filter. Its a great way to have those reminders. Once i put them on the shchedule, I can relax knowing that I"ll be reminded when its time. As for motivation, its actually helpful to have the schedule and not have to think about what needs to be done. For example, instead of thinking, I have to do this, this and this...and oh my gosh, what else do I have to do today???? I look at the schedule and know - OK, today I vacuum, clean the fish tank and change the bedsheets. No thinking involved. I try to stick to the schedule, but some weeks don't go as planned. So I suggest - have a guideline, but don't freak if you don't follow it exactly.

Jeremiah Ware said...

Hey Amanda-

Here is the first thing that came to my mind because I find myself to be a lot like you. I try my best to stay on top of the household. I tried to do a solid schedule, but it really didn't end up being my thing. I found I am organized, but not necessarily scheduled...which is also why some parenting techniques haven't worked out for me. SO, my point is, while you are on your way to being who God made you to be I think being intentional with our thoughts/plans/activities is important and I also think that He created some of us to be schedulers and some of us NOT schedulers. We balance eachother out. Maybe God made you to be more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, maybe you are so flexible in your days because that is His trademark on your life to teach others how to roll and vice versa. Good luck on your quest, I have no advice, except that each day, I just do whatever seems the most pertinent and possible to accomplish.


LizC said...

Ok, yeah, I already left a big long post, but something Jeremiah said reminded me of something. We ARE all different and i have realized that we don't necessarily have good and bad traits...we have strong traits, that can be good OR bad, depending on the situation. If you are a willynillier, that may be a very good trait! But you find that its also bad when it comes to getting stuff done. This reminded me of the book "The Spirit Controlled Woman" by Beverly Lahaye. She talks about different "temperaments" and the weaknesses and strengths that each temperament has and how to use your strengths and overcome the weaknesses. Very interesting and helpful book! OK, that's all - bye!

Jeremiah Ware said...

Well said, Lizc. You wrote more on what I was saying very well. My overall point was really...if a schedule doesn't exactly work out...don't beat yourself up over it and if it does...WAY TO GO! I think I will be checking out that book one of these days. Thanks, Lizc.

Erika said...

Oh I feel your pain. I agree with both of the others that left comments. I try to get a schedule going, but can never conquer! I will have to admit to be a willy-nilly-er. I just do the best I can. I get distracted with fun projects that keep me from staying on top of the house. My kid range from 12-3 and the older ones are good with chore lists and helping out, but very rarely am I on top of it. I have friends who clean constantly and their house is always immaculate. I just don't have that in me. One thing that has always stuck in my mid about this issue is that when our kids grow up are they going to remember that our house was always clean or wish they had more time with mom. I personally strive to find that balance. Keep things clean, do fun projects, and spend time with family. I hoping that just doing my best will work out in the end for me. So I guess I would just say the same, find your balance and do your best. We are not expected to be perfect, Do your best! and try not to beat ourselves up along the way.